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Aug 26, 2019 1:53:20 PM

Why You Should Consider Laser Training

The Benefits of One-On-One Training


We know you have probably been welding for many, many years now. You got it down, right? You know just about everything you need to know about laser welding and how your laser works. So why should you take the time out of your busy day to take laser training?

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Jul 10, 2019 12:56:30 PM

Laser Welding Wire Vs Solder

The Benefits Of Laser Welding Wire


One of the major differences between soldering and welding is the filler wire we use and how we use it. Soldering is a capillary fill process where the adjoining alloy is heated with a torch flame to a temperature that will flow the solder. The solder is designed to flow at various temperatures that are...

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Apr 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Creating a Cameo Locket Using Laser Welding

JJBuckar's Cameo is Not Just Another Pretty Face


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Apr 14, 2014 11:08:00 AM

Jewelry Laser Welding - Six Repairs in 60 Seconds

Do You Know What the Miracle Cure is for Broken Jewelry? Laser Welding!


In the past, many jewelry repairs have been near impossible or too expensive to fix. Recent advances in laser welding technology have enabled jewelers to restore and repair vintage jewelry, create new modern jewelry and safely work on heat sensitive pieces. The laser...

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Sep 25, 2013 3:04:00 PM

Laser Welding Jewelry - The Fabrication of a Pendant

100% Laser Assembly if Jewelry

The Cycles Pendant, David Alvarado of Irthly Designs, Los Angeles, CA


The Cycles Pendant was created by David Alvarado of Irthly Designs in Los Angeles, CA and was the Second Prize winning piece in the 2013 MJSA Vision Awards Competition - Laser Distinction category sponsored by LaserStar Technologies.


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Sep 17, 2012 2:19:00 PM

Can You Weld Silver? Yes, with a Laser Welder

Laser Welding Silver

Joule energy output is not the only qualification of a laser welding machine that is required to weld Silver successfully. High Peak Pulse Power ( > 5.5KW) is also imperative when laser welding silver, for instance, a laser welder with a high Joule energy output and low Kw will be hard pressed to attain any sort of depth...

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Jul 30, 2012 11:18:00 AM

Laser Welding Machines - Tools Jewelers Can't Live Without

Tools Jewelers Say They Can't Live Without for Jewelry Repair and Design

Laser Welding Machines

Fine Jewelry in Ventura, California, puts it plainly: “We’ve had a laser welder for years. We love it and couldn’t live without it. Well we could, but we wouldn’t. Anybody who can own one should. We also have CAD-CAM and a mill. They're 21st century...

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Jan 9, 2012 2:15:00 PM

Benefits of Laser Welding for Jewelry Repair and Design

The Benefits of Laser Welding Jewelry


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Dec 16, 2011 4:46:00 PM

Laser Welding Jewelry

Why Every Jewelry Store Should Own a Laser Welder

What I’ve seen over the years is that a laser welder is frequently one of the top two or three items on a jeweler’s wish list. So if I owned a jewelry store, I’d make sure I had one, because it offers benefits every jeweler can take advantage of.

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Oct 12, 2011 9:41:00 AM

Reasons to Buy a Laser Welder for Your Jewelry Business

Why Laser Welding for Your Jewelry Business

Are You:

  • working too late?
  • sending clients to other jewelers because you cannot do the repair?
  • burning stones in an attempt to re-tip a prong?
  • refusing heat-sensitive repair applications?
  • having problems turning around repairs in a timely manner?
  • adding excessive labor to jewelry repairs?
  • wishing...
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