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Why Laser Marking is a Better Solution than Dot Peen Marking

Posted by LaserStar Education on Apr 22, 2019 3:00:12 PM

Why Laser Marking is a Better Solution than Dot Peen Marking


Laser marking tools and dot peen marking are close competitors, but there are many advantages of laser marking over dot peen. Dot peen is well-established in the industry, while lasers are gaining popularity.

Lasermarking Vs Dot Peen


As laser technology has advanced, it has slowly displaced the older technology in terms of usefulness and portability.  Dot peen is cheaper to get started, but laser making equipment leads to a higher return on the investment. To compare the advantages of laser marking over dot peen, take a look at some of the key factors in the marking process such as:

Marking Options

Dot peen marking requires a tiny point, a peen, to strike the surface being marked hard enough to leave an imprint. In order to retain legibility, dot peen marking is limited in factors such as font, size, and dot density. Laser marking can produce marks as small as 15 microns, use graphic designs, and create an indelible mark with greater clarity. Offering more marking options is only the first of the advantages of laser marking over dot peen.

Types of Marks

Versatility is one of the most important advantages of laser marking over dot peen. Dot peen marking has only a few options for mark types. Data matrix codes, letters, and numbers are available, but other marks are too complex or completely impossible, such as marking a barcode. Laser marking includes QR codes, barcodes, logos, and graphics. The type and size of laser marks are at your command.

Impact Sensitivity

Laser marking is suitable for most objects, while dot peen marking is unsuitable for objects which are sensitive to impact. The type of materials you work with will ultimately determine whether dot peen is an option for your applications. Brittle casings and electronics are both best-suited for laser marking than the vibration of a dot peen.

Ease of Integration

Marking lasers come in a variety of styles and require only electricity as a resource. With few demands on space and resources, positioning a marking laser into your production is simple and straightforward. Additionally, the low resource requirements result in a lower operating cost as well as reduced costs for training and employee operation. Easy assimilation and reduced operating costs are both major advantages of laser marking over dot peen.

Marking Clarity and Precision

Laser marking systems are precise, providing a tremendous amount of flexibility in your marks. Dot peen is primarily limited to alphanumeric characters and industry codes, but a laser will use anything, even a graphic logo, and mark it on your objects. The mechanical aspects of dot peen marking also determine the minimum and maximum size of the mark. Laser marking is available with a full range of movement.


Dot peen marking tools have to be calibrated frequently, parts have to be replaced, and a regular maintenance routine is vital. Laser marking eliminates 98% of the maintenance issues while providing more accuracy and greater control. And since electricity is the only resource it uses, the overhead is low as well.

There are so many advantages of laser marking over dot peen that lasers are sure to displace dot peen over time. Investing in the more modern and sustainable technology makes good business sense. To find out more about the right laser marking equipment for your applications, please contact LaserStar Technologies today.

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