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Motion Control for Precision Laser Welding, Marking & Cutting

Posted by LaserStar Education on Oct 8, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Multi Dimensional Motion Control of Laser Systems

Laser systems are widely used in manufacturing and are well known for their versatility when it comes to precision marking , welding, engraving and cutting of small components to high tolerances. This is made possible through the use of motion control systems to help automate the laser processes. The motion control devices are integrated into the laser system and control the movement of the components enabling them to rotate, move, and position the parts under the laser beam allowing the engraving or welding of three dimensional objects.

Motion Devices are Used in Many Industries with Automated Laser Processing, including:

  •     Tool and die manufacture
  •     Manufacture of medical devices
  •     Electronics applications
  •     Jewelry manufacturing and repair
  •     Manufacture and repair of dental fittings
  •     Firearms manufacturing

Motion Control

Motion control devices control the precise positioning of the work piece, enabling the operator to accurately control the laser application. Motion control devices are available that perform the following functions:

  • Single axis linear motion: The most basic requirement of moving the work piece linearly to facilitate a straight weld, mark or cut.
  • Rotation: Allows the operator to weld or mark circular objects such as a cylinder or ring.

Single axis motion control only permits machining in one direction and its applications are limited. For practical purposes, effective motion control requires the simultaneous control of two or more axes:

  • Combination of linear and rotational motion: This is the ultimate in work piece positioning as it allows the work piece to be rotated while moving it linearly in one, two, or three dimensions.

Control Systems

The use of motion control for laser systems to position and move a work piece precisely allows the laser technician to exactly weld, cut, or mark applications in many industries, and avoids the need to physically hold and manually manipulate the part by hand while operating the laser system.

However, operations such as marking or engraving complex shapes in more than one dimension are almost impossible without automation, and this is achieved through the use of motion control software that can move the work piece in any dimension so the laser can perform complex work on curved and other three dimensional surfaces. There are different software programs used to control the motion depending on the laser process used.

Laser Applications for Many Industries


Motion Control Devices

The practical applications of this technology are immense. Almost any task requiring welding, marking or cutting of objects that vary in size from fractions of an inch on up can be undertaken. Some specific applications include:

  • Tool and die and mold repair: Specialist injection molders who manufacture small high quality plastic parts use laser welding in preference to conventional methods to make, repair, and modify precision injection molds.
  • Jewelry repair and design: Precision laser welding replaces soldering in most applications, allowing repairs and modifications to jewelry without the need to remove precious stones.
  • Serialization in Manufacturing: lasers are used to engrave Identification text, serial numbers, corporate logos, 2-D data matrix, bar coding, graphic and digital images, or any individual process data for identification purposes
  • Dental laboratories: Laser welding is more effective than conventional soldering techniques used to make and repair dental and orthodontic fittings.

These are just a small sampling of industry applications that are currently using laser processes many of which are automated using motion devices. Laser systems are used in many common manufacturing processes today and their use grows every year.

Uses of Motion Controlled Laser Systems for Welding, Marking and Cutting

Manufacturers, designers, and technicians manufacturing high-quality, precision components from steel, alloy or precious metals find motion control for laser systems from LaserStar simplifies many complex welding, marking and cutting operations and permits the manufacture of first-rate specialized pieces to exacting tolerances.

To learn more, please contact LaserStar Technologies today. Our laser applications specialist are here to answer all of your questions.

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