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Laser Cutting Monograms from Precious Alloys

Posted by LaserStar Education on Feb 18, 2013 2:15:00 PM

Name Cut Outs & Monograms Make Laser Cutting Popular with Jewelers

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw sported her name pendant on Sex and the City, women the world over have clamored for similar personalized jewelry items. Not only are these necklaces demanded by the wearers themselves, they also make excellent and thoughtful gifts. From brick and mortar jewelry stores to online shopping, retailers are offering name cutout necklaces for sale. These name necklaces are simple to make using advanced laser marking systems and laser marking software. The options available include: initials, monograms, first names and nicknames in the style or font of your choice.

Creating Name Cut Outs

laser cut name pendantLaser cutting is the preferred method of making name cut outs and monogram necklaces. One of the most widely-used jewelry applications for lasers, cutting works by directing a high-powered laser beam at the sheet of metal chosen for the name. It traces the outline of the name in a font selected within the design software, and the material exposed is melted or burned away. The laser marking systems are accurate to within 10 micrometers, which means the name is left with a high-quality edge and a smooth surface finish, ready for the jeweler to add loops for attaching a chain.

Type of Metals Used for Laser Cutting

Name cut out pendants come in a variety of metals. Whether the customer chooses gold, silver, brass, copper, stainless steel or tungsten, laser cutting remains the most accurate method of creating the name. The range of options means this is a trend that isn’t exclusive to women; men typically prefer heavier metals and a bolder font, and jewelers generally try to accommodate all preferences. Stainless steel, for exampl
e, is popular with men because it has a slightly more casual feel about it, and laser cutting works better on the metal than any other fabrication method does.

The Best Type of Equipment

Laser cutting is done using advanced laser marking machines. Of the many different types of laser marking machines, the better choice for laser cutting is a fiber laser marking machine. These marking machines have higher consistent power than other types of laser marking systems available and are ideal for cutting thin meta
ls such as those used for making jewelry, as opposed to heavier metals used in industrial environments. The fiber laser marking equipment uses a laser beam delivered in short pulses, which gives quality ablation and annealing. A clean, environmentally-friendly process, a fiber laser marking system uses no consumables and needs very little maintenance. The machinery is compact with a small footprint, and this makes it easy to install them in any location. Which makes this a great tool for both retail jewelry stores and jewelry manufacturers.

Designing Your Name Cut Out or Monogram Necklace

laser cut monogramCustomers can choose the design of their name cut out or monogram from a range of custom fonts that can be purchased and added to the laser marking software program. The program is Windows-compatible and includes True Type fonts, a comprehensive bar code and 2D matrix library. Whether the customer is after a full name in a bold font, initials in a decorative script or a complex monogram, it’s possible to deliver a stunning piece of jewelry that he or she can wear for life. The options offered by the software mean that other designs, shapes and images can also be created. With a little bit of creativity jewelry designers are creating not only necklaces and pendants but laser cutting intricate designs as well.

Polishing and Cleaning

The finish is vitally important for quality name cut outs, designs and monograms, and this is another reason why laser cutting is the first choice of most manufacturing jewelers. The lack of harsh chemicals means the base metal is undamaged by the process, and the clear-cut edge leaves the name cut out with a smooth surface ready for polishing. The polishing process depends on the metal selected and whether the customer wants a high-shine or a matte finish.

Jewelers looking for new items to add to their product line would do well to consider introducing name cut outs and monograms in a variety of designs and metals. By purchasing fiber laser marking machinery they can provide custom designs for customers, and the equipment also has other uses for jewelry marking, engraving and identification.

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